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Speciality Textile Chemicals®

We offer specialty textile chemicals that are widely used in textile industries. These specialty textile chemicals are used for dyeing, printing and finishing.

Our textile softeners provide excellent finish and smoothness to fabric, textile binders fastens the colour to the fabric and textile auxiliaries give finish to the fabric.

We offer a wide range of specialty textile chemicals made from the finest quality raw materials. These specialty textile chemicals are safe and environment-friendly. We offer these specialty textile chemicals at very reasonable prices.

Speciality Textile Chemicals
Technical Specification

Wetting Agents
Exhaustive range of proven wetting agents for textile applications:
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX'" Wetting K-9000 Non-ionic preparation Liquid cold wetting. good rewetting excellent for cotton wet processing.
TEXTAUX'" Wetting K-9002 Non-ionic surfactant preparation Low foam, high performance wetting agent and Detergent for cellulosics. Specially suitable for circulatory Liquor machine.
TEXTAUX'" Wetting K-9003 Anionic surfactant Prep. Concentrated versatile wetting agent I detergent Suitable for all types of fibers.
TEXTAUX'" Wetting K-9004 Anionic surfactant Prep. Wetting and re -wetting agent for cotton textiles.
TEXTAUX'" Wetting K-9005 Non-ionic surfactant Prep. Bio degradable low foam, instant wetting agent for Continuous bleaching.
TEXTAUX'" Wetting K-9006 Non-ionic surfactant preperation Low foam wetting agent for cotton textiles. Suitable for circulatory liquor machines. retains high wetting efficiency even at boiling temperature for prolonged period.
TEXTAUX" Wetting K-9007 Anionic surfactant preperation Wetting agent and detergent have strong emulsifying property compatible with alpha amylase type of starch. Liquefaction enzymes.
TEXTAUX'" Wetting K-9008 Non-ionic surfactant Prep. Product with low foam properties. Suitable for cotton textiles and high turbulence machines.

Sourcing Agents
Performance driven proprietary blends for Scouring Applications:
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX'" Scouring K- 9100 Anionic surfactant Prep. Scouring and stain removing auxiliary for cotton textiles.
TEXTAUX" Scouring K-9101 Anionic surfactant Prep. Stain remover and scouring agent with excellent surface activity. Can also be used for spot cleaning of stubborn stains.
TEXTAUX— Scouring K-9102 Non-ionic surfactant Prep. Low foam scouring agent with strong detergency and emulsifying action.
TEXTAUX" Scouring K-9103 Anionic surfactant Prep. Non foaming additive with high surface to be incorporated in one bath scouring / bleaching process for cotton textiles.
TEXTAUX'" Scouring K-9104 Non-ionic surfactant Prep. Highly effective cleaning agent for polyester scouring. Strong emulsifying and dispersing action and allows the dyeing to take place from the same bath.
TEXTAUX" Scouring K-9107 Non-ionic Preparation. Excellent dirt removing. scouring properties khondi mark remover & removal of grepinte stains. Acid - Alkali stable.

Proven mercerizing chemicals with high efficiency:
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX" Mercerize K-9202 Non-cresylic surfactant Highly effective surfactant for imparting wetting action during merserising process.

Desizing Agent
Desizing, irrespective of what the desizing agent is, involves impregnation of the fabric with the desizing agent, allowing the desizing agent to degrade or solubilise the size material, and finally to wash out the degradation products. The major desizing processes are:

Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX— Desize K-9251 Enzyme fortified preparation Excellent desizing agent to remove most types of sizing & coating chemicals. Fully biodegradable, safe for cotton textiles.

Levelling and Dispersing Agents
Complete range of proven levelling & dispersing agents for Cotton/ Blends
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX'"Leveller K-9300 Anionic Non-ionic Blend specialty levelling agent for reactive dyeing Excellent lubrication, uniformity of shade.
TEXTAUX'"Leveller K-9301 Anionic Preparation Highly proven low foam dye bath conditioner with wetting pH buffering, levelling, dispersing and lubricating properties
TEXTAUX'" Leveller K-9302 Non-ionic Preparation Levelling agent for dispersed dyeing also suitable for striping.
TEXTAUX'"Leveller K-9303 Anionic Non-ionic A unique low foam conditioner having levelling, dispersing, pH buffering, penetrating and anti-creasing properties.
TEXTAUX"Dispersing K-9304 Anionic Preparation Versatile high temperature stable dispersing agent, excellent levelling. dispersing.& Wetting
TEXTAUX "'Poly Dye K-9306 Performance Bend of Surfactant Broad spectrum formulation of advance. compatible and very effective surfactants to provide excellent levelling. dispersing and pH control during polyester dyeing.

Polyester Dyeing Additives
Special formulations to suit polyester dyeing operations
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX" Carrier K-9323 Weakly Anionic Preparation Chlorinated hydrocarbon based dyeing with disperse dyes.
TEXTAUX"' Carrier K-9324 Non-ionic Preparation Eco friendly, foamless. odourless dyeing accelerant for polyester dyeing.

Dye-fixing Agents
Highly proven polymeric dye fixing agents impart bleed free dyeing on cotton.
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX" Dyefix K-9350 Urea resin derivative Very low formaldehyde dye fixing chemical for direct and reactive dyed on printed fabrics
TEXTAUX" Dyefix K-9351 Urea resin derivative Cationic formaldehyde free fixing agent for direct and reactive dyeing and prints.
TEXTAUX" Dyefix K-9352 Epoxy resin derivative Conventional cationic fixing agent for direct and reactive dyeing and prints
TEXTAUX" Dyefix K-9353 Epoxy resin derivative Non formaldehyde fixative for reactive and direct.dyed or printed goods. Protect reactive dye covalent bonding from hydrolysis and thermal cracking.

Wash & Soaping Off Agents
Proven washing aids ensuring complete removal of unreacted dyes on Cotton I Blend & Polyesters
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX'" Kandi Wash K-9370 Cryptionic, Preparation. Surfactants with detergency and wetting properties reduction clearing, washing of for synthetic. Kandi Mark remover.
TEXTAUX'" Wash K-9371 Non-ionic Preparation. Powerful detergent for soaping operation.
TEXTAUX'" Wash K- 9372 Non-ionic Preparation. Efficient washing auxiliary with excellent detergency and dispersing properties for died and printed textiles.
TEXTAUX'" Wash K- 9373 Anionic Preparation. Specially developed washing auxiliary having excellent penetrating, dispersing and sequestering properties.
TEXTAUX'" Wash K- 9374 Anionic Preparation. Very efficient washing off agent having sequestering and dispersing action.
TEXTAUX'" Wash K- 9375 Anionic Preparation. Unique formulation for washing off process. Very effectively removes unfixed colour and prevents re -de position due to the presence of a protective colloid. Also have very strong dispersing and sequestering properties.
TEXTAUX'" Wash K- 9376 Anionic Preparation. Specialty additive for efficient wash off. Prevents re- deposition and exerts excellent sequestering action.

Highly active molecules. Inhibiting growth of specific bacterias and moulds in textile processing
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX`" Biocide K-9400 Halogenated Preparation Biocide recuperation for textile process & After wash makes cloth odour free.
TEXTAUX'" Biocide K-9413 Thiozolone based Preparation Effective biocide preparation for textile process & After wash completely safe & odour free

Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9800 Cationic Softener for all fibres to impart superior softness with negligible yellowing. Suitable for exhaust and padding application.
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9801 Cationic Softener for all cellulosic and their blends with synthetics Imparts excellent sot handle
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9802 Cationic Liquid softener for all fibers having good Washing fastness. Also imparts excellent lubrication.
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9803 Cationic Excellent softener for all fibers. Imparts excellent effect on tough fabrics.
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9804 Cationic Softener, which provides surface and intrinsic softness. Suitable for all fibres.
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9805 Cationic Non yellowing softener with low foam properties. Suitable for all types of machines and fibers.
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9806 Anionic Softener with non yellowing properties. Suitable for cellulosic and synthetics.
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9807 Reactive Softener to Impart excellent durable softness and body to cellulosic & their blends.
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9808 Reactive Non yellowing softener suitable for all fibers & compatible to all other finishing chemicals and optical brighteners.
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9809 Non ionic Softening liquid. The product is specifically designed to have micro particle size to felicitate better penetration and intrinsic smoothness. It also provides excellent dimensional stability to stretch fabrics.
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9810 Non ionic Concentrated polyethylene based softening agent to impart excellent surface smoothness and luster.
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9811 Non ionic Softener in paste form to impart softness with hydrophilic properties specially suitable for terry towels.
TEXTAUX' Soft K-9812 Anionic Non yellowing softener to impart softness with hydrophilic properties specially suitable for terry towels.
TEXTAUX' Silicone Soft K-9820 Non ionic Specially developed concentrated micro amino silicone softener for all fibers and imparts excellent softness.
TEXTAUX' Silicone Soft K-9821 Non ionic Micro amino softeners of easily pourable consistency. Imparts excellent softness to all fibers
TEXTAUX' Silicone Soft K-9822 Non ionic Highly effective silicone softener for all fibers to produce silky surface feel.
TEXTAUX' Silicone Soft K-9823 Cationic Non yellowing softener grated with reactive silicone to produce excellent softening effect on all fibers.
TEXTAUX' Silicone Soft K-9824 Non ionic Highly effective epoxy silicone based product modified molecular structure. Imparts with superior softening effect.
TEXTAUX' Silicone Soft K-9825 Non ionic Non yellowing softener. Imparts soft, supple, silky Fuller handle to cellulosics and their all blends with polyester. The product is based on specific grade.
TEXTAUX' Silicone Soft K-9826 Non ionic Non yellowing amino functional siloxane modified in a way to impart exceptional softness, fuller handle resistance to aqueous spot and easy care properties. to fibers.
TEXTAUX' Silicone Soft K-9827 Non ionic Hydrophilic silicon softener for terry towel and other cellulosic textiles. It imparts excellent softness with out yellowing and superior durable water absorption. property.
TEXTAUX' Elasto-Silicone Soft K-9828 Non ionic Non yellowing zero formaldehyde reactive Epoxy silicone- elastomer. Imparts crease recovery property to cellulosics with remarkable bouncy feel.

Repelling Agents
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX'" Repellent K-9872 Polymeric preparation Excellent finish to impart oil, soil & water resistance to mostly all the fiber substrates.
TEXTAUX`" Anti-pill K-9881 Anionic An product that imparts very high resistance to pill formation. Suitable for cotton and its blends with polyester.

Sequestering Agents
Proven range of sequesters to chealate metal ions such as divalent & trivalent ions.
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX" Sequester K-9901 Anionic Sequesterant Non foaming, highly effective composition for protonization of cotton textiles.
TEXTAUX" Sequester K-9904 Anionic Sequesterant Sequestering formulation to chealate Ca++. Mg ++, In the process liquor.
TEXTAUX" Sequester K-9905 Anionic Sequesterant High performance sequestering agent for divalent and trivalent metal ions in the process liquor. Particular for fe++ions
TEXTAUX" Sequester K-9906 Anionic Polymeric Sequesterant Highly proven sequestering agent with Complexing and dispersing
TEXTAUX" Sequester K-9907 Anionic Sequesterant Very effective for all wet processing operations. Chealates Ca++, Mg++, ions efficientily.
TEXTAUX" Sequester K-9909 Anionic Sequesterant Powder form very efficient chealating & sequesterting agent for Iron (fe++) removal.

DeFoamer Deareator
Excellent performing operations to control foaming in textile processing without affecting wetting.
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
TEXTAUX'" Antifoam K-9910 Non ionic Preparation of defoaming silicon High temperature stable silicone based anti-foam Compound. Its Prevents foam stabilization and micro foam formation.
TEXTAUX'" Antifoam K-9911 Non ionic Preparation silicon free Silicone free anti-foam compound. Excellent for khadi and high solids printing paste.
TEXTAUX'" Deareator K-9912 Anionic Non ionic Blend Product which helps in removing micro encapsulated stabilized air from liquor in circulatory machine. Thus prevents foam formation. Also efficiently suppresses foam and clears out bubbles.

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