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Leather Finishing Additives®

We offer the specialty leather finishing additives range to promote specific parameters, properties, and effect in leather finishing operations.

Our high performance range of leather finishing chemicals is based on silicone-containing and silicone-free substances and comprises a broad spectrum of emulsifiers to degrease agents for tanning and for nitrocellulose, defoamers to prevent macro- or micro- foam during the production and/or application of water borne finishes, touch and handle modifiers to change the unpleasant plastic feel to an attractive soft leather haptic, wetting and dispersing additives for a continuous film and flow and anti-cratering additives to prevent cratering and pigment floating and also to give natural appearance in spray application. Our leather finishing additives can be used in waterborne and solvent borne formulations for application by roller coaters, spraying or curtain coaters.

We offer a wide range of leather finishing additives made from the finest quality raw materials. These leather finishing chemicals are safe and environment-friendly. We offer these additives at very reasonable prices.

Leather Finishing Additives
Technical Specification
The proven specialty additive range to promote specific parameters. properties and effect in leather finishing operations. The brief description of "LEATHAUX" product range is given for perusal of leather tanning & leather finishing experts.

Wetting & Dispersing Additives
LEATHAUX K-7000 series are wetting 8 dispersing additives that promote wetting, dispersion and prevent floating. flooding & settling of pigments,fillers and mattering agents in coating formulations.
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX— K-7001 Acrylic Aqueous Modified acrylic homo polymers based dispersion for direct grinding of Fillers & In-organics, Pigment paste formulations.
LEATHAUXT K-7010 Acrylic Aqueous Direct grinding of Pigments, Fillers & In-organics. Pigment paste formulations.
LEATHAUX7 K-7024 Cationic Aqueous Cationic polymeric surfactant for direct grinding of Pigment Concentrates & Fillers preparations.
LEATFLAUX K-7037 Anionic Aqueous Modified Polymeric surfactant for direct grinding of Pigments &Fillers.
LEMItAUX K-7043 Polymeric Aqueous High molecular PU dispersant for direct grinding of Organic Pigments. Suitable for NC- Lacquers & NC pigment paste.
LEATHAUX K-7051 Polymeric Aqueous Anionic Acrylic surfactant for direct grinding of Pigment Concentrates. Organics and In-organics in combination with LEATHAUXM K-7043.

Foam Control Agents
Foam are state gas dispersion in liquid foam stabilization due to pressure of surfactants that surround air bubble forming foam lamellae as well as repulsive electrostatic forces Gibbs elasticity.foam in leather finishing is generated due to application (Pad. Roller Coaters and Curtain Coating machine) techniques. LEATHAUX K -7100 series are defoamer for aqueous application which prevent &kill foam formation during finishing operations.
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX K-7100 Aqueous Modified silicone with defoamers for Clear P U Binder.Casein Binder, Acrylic-PU .Pigment Conc. Classical leather finishes.
LEATHAUX K-7108 Aqueous Non- silicone defoamers for use in Pigment Concentrate, Direct Grinding, pure Acrylic, Acrylic-PU Classical 8 Novelties in leather finishes.
LEATHAUX7 K-7124 Aqueous Silicone modified defoamers for Pigment Concentrate.PU. Acrylic-PU. Casein. Clear, Styrene Acrylics.
LEATFLAUX K-7132 Aqueous Modified silicone based defoaming material for Pigment Concentrate PU, Acrylic-PUCasein, NC Clear, Pigments
LEMItAUX K-7141 Aqueous Silicone modified defoamers for Pigment Concentrate. Direct grinding.
LEATHAUX K-7151 Aqueous Suitably modified siloxanes based defoamers for Pigment Grinding, Casein. NC. Acrylics

Micro-foams are caused in high viscosity and high Solid systems deareators prevent micro-foams and pinholes in leather finishing.

LEATHAUX K-7200 Series are inhibitors for mini-blisters 8 micro-foams
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX K-7208 Solvent Non-silicone de-areaters for 2 Pack-PU. NC. Pigmented Coatings
LEATHAUX K-7213 Aqueous Modified silicone emulsion with de-areating agent for Acrylics. Styrene Acrylics. Pigmented.
LEATHAUX7 K-7222 Aqueous Non-silicone defoamers for 2 Pack-PU, Acrylic. NC, Acrylic-PU. Clear & Pigment Coatings

Synthetic tanning Agents
LEA'THAUX K-7260 series are synthetic tanning agents specially formulated for wider application on variety of leathers
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX K-7260 Anionic /Aqueous Modified acrylic copolymer for pre-tanning agent for veg. tanned leathers.
LEATHAUX K-7262 Anionic /Aqueous Acrylic co-polymer for retanning of all type of chrome leather.
LEATHAUX7 K-7276 Anionic /Aqueous Light fast co-polymer acrylic modified for Re-tanning system for making chrome leathers full 8 resilient.
LEATHAUX7 K-7280 Anionic /Aqueous Light fast modified acrylics for leathers in pre-tan, self-tan & re-tan.

Touch Handle & Feel Modifiers
Touch Handle & Feel Modifiers play very important & crucial role in leather finishing. They enhance the value of leather as well as feel the look and surface touch. Following specialty additives the suitable for solvent & water based system.

LEATHAUX K-7300 series are classical finishing additive for value addition.
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX K-7303 Cationic /Aqueous Modified silicone preparation for typical Silicone Handle. Slippery. Soft touch
LEATHAUX K-7307 Cationic /Aqueous Silicone Handle. Soft. Anti-block
LEATHAUX K-7312 Aqueous i Solvent Silicone modified to give Silicone Handle pleasant touch.
LEATHAUX K-7316 Aqueous / Anionic Silicone Handle. Anti-dust. Scratch proof.
LEATHAUX K-7321 Aqueous Silicone Handle, water repellent, stickiness free.
LEATHAUX K-7325 Aqueous Silicone Handle, dry 8 slippery feel.
LEATHAUX K-7330 Aqueous Typical Silicone Handle, Improves tape test.
LEATHAUX K-7334 Aqueous Warm Silicone Handle, good rub fastness.

Flow & levelling Agents
Most important function in leather finishing is levelling, evenness & adhesion. It is important to reduce surface tension to improve penetration. Flow & levelling is a surface control additive to increase levelling in solvent & water based coating.

LEATHAUX K-7400 series consist of muti-purpose flow & levelling agents as detailed below
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX K-7411 Anionic Aqueous Modified silicone polymer Slip, Flow, Silicone Handle by Spray & Roller.
LEATHAUX K-7450 Anionic Aqueous Modified acrylic polymer Levelling agent for acid & direct dye.
LEATHAUX K-7451 Cationic Aqueous Additive to improve dye penetration, levelness,less colour bleach improves dye fixing.
LEATHAUX K-7452 Cationic Additive for fixing of anionic dye, fat liquors & vegetable tannins

Wetting & Anti-Cratering agents
Wetting & Anti-Crater agents are leather pre-primers to top coats to wet-out various surfaces, even those having oil & dirt surfaces defects such as crawling & craters are eliminated to achieve better flow, wetting, levelling & adhesion

LEATHAUX K-750 series are suitable for leather with growth mark.wrinkles. defects etc.
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX K-7501 Aqueous/ Solvent Fluro surfactant based preparation Strong anti-cratering effect suitable for highly defective grain leathers.
LEATHAUX K-7510 Aqueous Medium filling & anti - cratering effect.
LEATHAUX K-7519 Aqueous Moderate anti - cratering effect for full grain leathers only.
LEATHAUX K-7532 Aqueous/Solvent Wetting, Anti - crater, Row by Spray & Roller coater Application

Emulsifiers are key to success in making stable emulsions. Particutarly, nitrocellulose sealers are important as leather finishes. Although, their solvent content is less yet their wet rub is poor therefore use of emulsifiers whose wet rub is good and is also very important in leather finishing.

LEATHAUX K-7600 series are highly suitable for emulsifying nitrocellulose solutions in water
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX K-7600 Aqueous/ Solvent Modified non E.O. Ethoxylate for Nitrocellulose emulsions with excellent wet rub resistance.
LEATHAUX K-7613 Aqueous/ Solvent Non- ionic emulsifier with varying HLB Values for Nitrocellulose emulsions stability. excellent wet rub resistance.

In-can Preservatives
Leather finishing is carried out in aqueous phase with tot of ingredients susceptible to microbial spoilage by a host of bacteria such as pseudomonas & fungi grow in leather finishing formulations and use of preservatives which are eco-friendty, are essentials for quality leathers.

LEATHAUX K-7700 series are recommended for use in soaking. tanning.fat-liquoring & finishing.
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX K-7703 Solvent Aqueous Halogenated preparation for in•can preservation, Anti-fungal & Anti-bacterial. The product can be used as preventive coat for finished leather articles.
LEATHAUX K-7712 Aqueous Iso-Thizolone based preparation for in-can preservation. good anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties to prevent bacterial damage of hides/ skins.
LEATHAUX K-7714 Aqueous/ Solvent Thiocynate based preparation to control Bacterial growth & Fungus growth in leather.

In-can Preservatives
Proven range of Selected specialty Enzymes for leather finishing operations
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX K-7730 Aqueous Alkaline bating enzyme active at pH 8-9.5 Temp 30°C- 40°C, Time 60-90 minutes for Goat skin (upper,Nappa, Glove) & Cattle hides (Upper& Nappa).
LEATHAUX K-7733 Aqueous Effluent treatment enzyme. active at pH 5.5 - 9.0. temp 20C - 50'C dosage needs to be optimized depending on equipments, process & nature of waste output.
LEATHAUX K-7735 Aqueous Acid bating enzyme active at pH 5-7, temp 30'C- 40°C for Goat, Sheep. Cow & buffalo.
LEATHAUX K-7738 Aqueous Soaking enzyme active at pH 7.7-9.5, temp 20°C-30°C for wet salted, dry salted & air dried Hides / Skins.
LEATHAUX K-7739 Aqueous Degreasing enzyme for leather. active at pH 7.0-11.0 temp 15-35C suitable for all types of pelt where natural grease pose problem for subsequent operations.

Penetrators Softeners & Auxiliaries
Penetrating agents are used in glaze & resin systems to Wan even shade and better depth while spray dyeing, improves adhesion also.

LEATHAUX K-7700 series encompasses wide variety specialty products as under
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX K-7744 Aqueous Anionic Multi surfactant blends for Resin finish for uniform dyeing &for better depth, helps penetration on corrected grain and full grain leathers.
LEATHAUX K-7757 Aqueous Good grain filling effect. Improves scuff resistance.
LEATHAUX K-7762 Aqueous Gives high luster, good dry & wet rubincorporation in binder reduce tackiness, hot plating leaving a uniform look by forming continuous ilm.
LEATHAUX K-7780 Cationic Aqueous Paraffin cationicwax emulsion for finishing proteins, PU & PVA binders.
LEATHAUX K-7781 Aqueous Camauba based anionic wax emulsion for inishing with acryic, PU, PVA.Casein binder.
LEATHAUX K-7785 Aqueous Casein binder for reducing tack & improve hardness of acrylic film

Fat Liquors
Fat liquoring is the last wet shop operation and fa: liquor act as lubricant to leather fibre & fibrins.

LEATHAUX K-7800 series suitable for comprehensive range of fat liquors suitable for all types of leather.
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX K-7802 Anionic Natural oil based suitable for upper leathers with medium softness.
LEATHAUX K-7807 Anionic Aqueous Synthetic oil, highly penetrative. recommended for saddlery and shoe Nappa leather.
LEATHAUX K-7811 Anionic Aqueous Semi Synthetic fat for suede gloving, white and pastel coloured leather.
LEATHAUX K-7834 Anionic Aqueous Oxy sulphated fatliquor for full grain suede garment gloving. white leather, upholstery leathers.

Impregnating Agents & Binders
Impregnating agents are designed to improve grain break of corrected surface leathers. Combination of PU - Acrylic yields better quality of durable finish.

LEATHAUX K-7900 series are recommended for impregnation and finishing of upper & other variety of leathers.
Product Name & Grade System Phase Applications
LEATHAUX K-7930 Anionic Acrylic emulsion polymer for Impregnation. medium size film with good cold crack resistance.
LEATHAUX K-7934 Anionic I Aqueous Modified Acrylic emulsion polymer for Impregnation. Very soft& film with good cold crack resistance.
LEATHAUX K-7943 Aqueous Specially modified Acrylic emulsion polymer as Finishing binder for base coat,pigment coat,suitable for full grain nappa / upper furniture / corrected grain upper / garment nappa.
LEATHAUX K-7952 Aqueous Modified Polyurethane dispersion for very soft Jess stretchy base coat,formulation with pigment. Ideal for full grain nappa / upper/ shoe nappa / upholstery.

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